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The Wonderful Businesses and People Sponsoring the Hike

The Raw Food Hike-a-thon would like to thank the following sponsors for their generous support of the 2005 hike.

Learn more about how you can team up with the Raw Food Hike-a-thon for an opportunity that can benefit your business or organization while promoting a healthy lifestyle. View our sponsorship opportunities or contact us and let us know you'd like to become a sponsor.

Natures First Law GoLite HealthForce Nutritionals
Health Force Nutritionals
Himalayan Crystal Salt Hippocrates Health Institute
Healthy Adventure

Section 1

Joel Odhner
Huntingdon Valley, PA


Brian Au
Raw In Ten Minutes
San Francisco, CA

Laurie Kerkinni
Minneapolis, MN

Michelle and Steve
Scottsdale, AZ

David Klein
Living nutrition Magazine
Sebastopol, CA


Jeanie Marshall
Marshall House
Santa Monica, CA

Gold Mine Natural
Food Co.

San Diego, CA

Wild Oats Natural

Cindy Schwimmer
Wilmette, IL


Dave Carr
Sun Organic Farm
San Marcos, CA

E3Live - Vision, Inc.
Michael, Tamera & David



Janet Cooper
Maui, HI

Tim and Monica Walsh
Chicago, IL

Mary and Matt Weiss
Boston, MA

Melanie Wilson
Trenton, TX


MJ Hardin
Ken Schmidt
Maui, HI

Jack Irwin
Dublin, Ireland

Amanda Shaughnessy
Dublin, Ireland

Billy and Tania Jurek
Dallas, TX


Margaret and Mark Machala
San Clemente, CA

Mary Ferazza
Chicago, IL

Timothy Connolly
San Jose, CA

Danielle Little
Paia, HI


Lori Neumann
Mountain View, CA

Ms. AH Barnes
London, UK


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