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The Hike-a-thon Director:

Is responsible for overseeing the committee of Volunteer Coordinators and Managers. This is a key position, since they will coordinate the activities of many people. They must be computer literate and have good writing skills so they can help edit press releases and articles. Experience that could be helpful would be event coordination, project management, good leadership. They must be a good self-starter, with good time-management and organizational skills, since the "buck" stops here. Doug will work closely with this person, but won't be able to help much once the hike begins.

Media Coordinator:

Writes press releases, talks to media, helps Doug with interviews, sets-up a media conference in Boulder, Colorado (with Doug). Requirements include good writing skills, tenacity, likeable personality, good people skills, good organizational skills, passion for raw foods and the healthy-promoting benefits, good knowledge of raw nutritional science (so they can answer questions posed by the media). Works with The Hike-a-thon Director, Doug, and the Web Master

Trail Angel Coordinator:

This person actively seeks out corporate Trail Angels (companies who make donations of food and supplies for the trip). Distributes donated food and gear to Food Drop Coordinator and any donated monies to Hike-a-thon Accountant. The Trail Angel Coordinator will work closely with the Hike-a-thon Director, Doug, and the Web Master.

Web Site Assistant

We are putting together a team of people that can work together to update, create and maintain the rawhike.com website. If you have web design or development skills, we'd love to have you help us out. We need people with Flash, CSS, HTML, MySQL, PHP, CGI and graphics skills.

Web Graphics Assistant

Assists web site design and development team by creating and editing digital graphics. A good overall knowledge of web graphics design is necessary. Additionally, knowledge of Flash and the ability to create animated gifs and banners would be a big plus.

Community Outreach Coordinator

This person actively networks within the raw community and beyond in order to find other like-minded organizations which will help market the Raw Hike-a-thon. Some ideas are: searching the internet for bulletin boards to post information about the Raw Hike-a-thon, finding organizations that will set up local Walk-a-thons in their communities to coincide with the start of the Hike-a-thon on Earth Day, identifying companies who will post information about the Hike- a-thon (link via our logo) on their website. A good knowledge of health and outdoor recreation will be helpful in generating ideas for networking. This person works with the Media and Sponsorship Coordinators.

Sponsorship Coordinator

Leads the Hike-a-thon Sponsorship Team in the effort to obtain sponsors for The Raw Food Hike-a-thon. Develops potential sponsor list and organizes volunteers in contacting sponsors, including creating phone scripts and assisting volunteers with phone skills. Manages relationships with sponsors, including sending out a bi-weekly e-mail newsletter to sponsors. Previous fund-raising experience is a plus. This person works with the rest of the Hike-a-thon Team, especially Dan, Cherie, Doug and Ginger (webmaster).

Web Marketing Coordinator

This person will be responsible for all Internet marketing. They should be familiar with getting the RawHike.com site listed in all of the search engines and directories, free Internet advertising approaches, locating like-minded ezines, newsgroups, and online newsletters, adding our link to related web sites, and using doorway pages. We forsee this as being a team effort so if you have any of these skills and are interested in volunteering, we’d be glad to have you help us out.

If you're interested in volunteering to help Doug with this amazing adventure or sponsor him with donations of equipment or food, contact him at: 808-264-2487 you can send email by filling out our contact form.



Doug Walsh
Hiker and Acting
Hike-a-thon Director

Doug received a magna cum laude Bachelor of Arts degree in physics from Franklin and Marshall College in 1986, and a Master’s in Education from the University of Massachusetts in 1988. He studied physics in an attempt to understand and harmonize with the magnificence of the natural world he observed around him. Yet only intellectual study of nature felt empty. At the top of a mountain in New Hampshire in 1987, he felt his heart call out for first-hand experience of the Earth. There was no going back to the classroom.

As a former Colorado Outward Bound Instructor, Doug has logged enormous amounts of time out in wild nature. His passion is exploration of wild outer nature as a way to encounter the wild Soul within. Doug’s quest is to become a healthy cell in the body of the Earth. He sees uncooked foods that still contain the Earth’s healing vibrations as a homeopathic remedy that assists in this goal. Doug is a 2001 graduate of the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute Chef Training program. He has done workshops on the science and preparation of raw foods all across the country.

Cherie Soria
Sponsor, and Advisor

Cherie Soria is the author of Angel Foods: Healthy Recipes for Heavenly Bodies and coauthor of Comiendo Pura Vida (Eating Pure Life). She is also founder and director of Living Light Culinary Arts Institute, known internationally as the top raw chef school in world. Cherie has personally trained many of the top raw food chefs today, which is why she is often referred to as the mother of raw gourmet cuisine. Cherie began her love affair with culinary arts at the age of 12 when she won her first cooking contest and went on to become one of the worlds leading vegetarian cooks.

In 1990, after teaching vegetarian cuisine for twenty years, Cherie studied with Dr. Ann Wigmore and learned the principles of using whole, live foods to aid in healing and rejuvenation. She has combined these two worlds of food preparation to create a gourmet raw vegan cuisine that is a unique expression of culinary talent.

For more information about Cherie's workshops, food presentation videos, books, and raw vacations please visit the Living Lights Culinary Arts Institute web site.

Dan Ladermann
Sponsor, and Advisor

Dan Ladermann is codirector of Living Light Culinary Arts Institute and Raw World: International Festival of Raw Food Enthusiasts. In 1995, Dan exited the high-tech world of Silicon Valley, where he had been an executive in several Internet companies. Since that time he has dedicated his efforts to spreading the word about raw food and vibrant living. Dan is president of the Institute for Vibrant Living, which produces educational raw food events that bring together people from around the world. He is also a Certified Hippocrates Health Educator and a graduate of Anthony Robbins’ Mastery University.

Dan says, “ I enjoy assisting people in their transformation and teaching them how to create lives of health, joy, and abundance. Most people have never felt the kind of loving support and encouragement they receive at our Living Light trainings and watching them blossom and become empowered with the tools we provide brings me great joy.”

For more information about Living Light Culinary Arts Institute Chef Trainings and Raw World vacations please visit the Living Lights Culinary Arts Institute web site.

Ginger Haskins

Ginger is founder of ThunderLink Communications, Inc.  Since 1996, ThunderLink has been involved in Web Hosting and Design as well as local computer repair. Due to the lack of computer training available in the early days of the technology, Ginger job-hopped for 25+ years to gain her extensive computer hardware and software knowledge. During that time she worked for companies like IBM, Price Waterhouse, Time Warner and the federal government.

In 1999, with Y2K on the horizon, she began to learn more about nutrition and alternative medicine.  In 2003, despite her efforts to eat a more balanced diet and do the things she thought would keep her healthy, Ginger became very ill as a result of pesticide exposure and the effects of long-term antibiotic consumption.  Diagnosed with hypothyroidism and chronic fatigue syndrome, she already knew that allopathic medicine was not the answer. She was determined to get well and sought the counsel of alternative MDs. While these doctors were very helpful and pointed her in the right direction, Ginger understood that in order to become well again, she had to take on the responsibility of finding the answers. Continual research into what creates good health culminated in an understanding that good nutrition is the long-term answer and would eventually heal her body. As a result, better and better ways of obtaining good nutrition were sought out ultimately resulting in a primarily raw diet. In August of 2004, Ginger became a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant.

"I'm convinced that most of the world’s pain and suffering can be eradicated through a raw diet.  When I read about the Hike-a-thon, I instantly became excited about what Doug is doing.  I didn’t even give it a second thought.  I just had to volunteer.  I’m really excited to be a part of this endeavor and look forward to adding functionality and style to the web site.”

Dr. Graham
"Hike-a-thon" Doctor

Dr. Graham is an advisor to world-class athletes and trainers from around the globe. He has trained professional and Olympic athletes from almost every sport, including tennis legend Martina Navratilova, NBA player Ronnie Grandison, and the Norwegian national bicycling team. Additionally, Dr. Graham is a founder and serves as president of Healthful Living International and is on the board of advisors of EarthSave International, Organic Athlete, and Voice for a Viable Future.

Dr. Graham is the author of several best-selling books, including Grain Damage, Nutrition and Athletic Performance, and The High Energy Diet Recipe Guide. His articles are regularly featured in Get Fresh! and Living Nutrition magazines.

Among Dr. Graham's gifts are his ability to explain the complexities of anatomy, biology, chemistry, and physiology in terms that are easy to understand. An inspiration to others, he has followed a raw-vegan regimen for twenty-five years and has been vegetarian for over thirty years. He is living proof that eating whole, fresh, ripe, raw, organic food is the way to achieve vibrant health and vitality! Click here to visit Doug's website.

Julie Chiron
National Sponsor Consultant

Julie Chiron is a principal of Heroic Development, a consulting firm providing fundraising strategy, management, and communications to inspired organizations. Julie is a communications professional with more than 10 years of combined fundraising, interactive marketing, and media experience. For the past three years, she has worked as a development writer at UC Berkeley serving the university's major gift, annual programs, and events departments. In this role she had the opportunity to create a broad range of advancement materials including event packages, direct mail, brochures, and proposals.

Prior to joining Berkeley, Julie was cofounder and VP of product marketing at an Internet services company. She also held lead content positions at two interactive design agencies and cofounded WIRED magazine's digital division. She began her career as a writer at Mother Jones magazine. She holds a B.S. and M.S. in journalism from Northwestern University and a certificate in fundraising management from The Fund Raising School at Indiana University. Julie lives in San Francisco with her husband, Craig Gordon, and is an enthusiastic raw and living foods practitioner, a dedicated hospice volunteer, and a long-distance ocean swimmer.

Cindy Schwimmer
Food Drop Coordinator

Cindy Schwimmer has been a vegetarian for over twelve years. Educated initially as an Occupational Therapist with a Masters Degree in Education, health issues and teaching have always been foremost in her mind.

In 2001, a friend asked Cindy to attend a lecture on Raw Foods and being a lifelong learner, she readily agreed. That lecture led Cindy down a path toward a new career as an Associate Chef and Instructor in Raw Culinary Arts.

She began by attending as many “Uncooking” classes as possible eventually enrolling in and graduating from the Living Light Culinary Arts Institute in Northern California under the direction of Cherie Soria, one of the leading Raw Gourmet Chefs in the world. That experience and a deep respect/awe for what Doug is setting out to accomplish has inspired Cindy to volunteer for the Raw Hike-a-thon.

When at home in Glencoe, Illinois, Cindy stays busy home schooling two of her three children and teaching Raw and Living foods preparation classes; sharing the Raw lifestyle through lectures and providing personalized, private “uncooking” lessons to anyone who will stand still long enough to listen.

Cindy’s reflection:    “The Raw and Living Foods lifestyle has enriched me by allowing me to feel lighter, more energetic, and younger everyday; it has connected me to the most amazing group of people I have ever had the blessing of knowing, a true community. I’d like very much to share that experience with anyone interested in a better quality of life. Besides, it’s really great fun!”

Ellie Welton
Hike-a-thon Accountant

Ellie Welton works as a business strategy consultant. Her background includes over seventeen years of marketing and marketing research experience. She has spent the last several years in business-to-business marketing helping firms with new technologies and growth strategies. Prior to consulting, she was the Marketing Manager for two start-up companies.

Inspired to volunteer by her two big passions; raw foods and hiking. Ellie is a fellow hiker on a much smaller scale. Her favorite hiking destination is in the southwest, particularly the Grand Canyon, Zion and Bryce. Her introduction to raw food began in 2001, when she discovered her neighbor was a professional raw food chef. Intrigued by the concept of eating ‘uncooked’ food, she began reading and attending as many raw food classes and events as she could find in Chicago. Since that time, she has completed several Living Light Culinary Arts Institute classes held in Chicago. Ellie’s observation, "It’s thrilling to watch the raw food community grow, in Chicago and around the country. The health benefits are almost secondary to the wonderful additions of a positive attitude, great friends, and delicious food."

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